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JC Backings purchases a new 16’6” wide state of the art digital printer.

Culver City, California October 2, 2007 - J.C. Backings has taken delivery of a new 16’6” wide Gandinnovations Jeti 5024 roll to roll digital printer for producing their clients Digital Print Backings. The Jeti 5024 is the grand-daddy of all printers with 24 Spectra print heads that makes it unquestionably the fastest 16’6” grand-format printer on the market today. True 300 dpi (600 apparent) and 6 colors graphics puts it in a class of its own. “The capability of this new printer has boosted our production exponentially!” declares Pierre Steele, J.C. Backings Photographer and manager of the company’s digital operations.

“Our Jeti printer has a back-lit option enabling printing on both sides with perfect registration allowing us to print day/night combination backings with a quality that is unsurpassed in our industry.” says Lynne Coakley, the company’s Vice President and Owner. At the forefront of the technological enhancements is the printer’s ability to detect any individual nozzle that may be miss-firing which results in a backing that has no banding. This safe-proof technology is the first of its kind in the grand-format arena. The decision to purchase this new printer was made after listening to client’s feedback on using Digital Print Backings. The two most common comments heard from clients regarding using vinyl drops were inferior print quality and inconsistent front/back image registration. With this new printer, these concerns are now things of the past. Whether the backing is 10 feet wide or 150 feet wide our clients will be receiving the best product currently available in the market place.

The Gandinnovations Jeti 5024 printer can produce a seamless backing up to 16’ x 150’ on a variety of substrates.