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Circa 1989, Sony Studios Scenic Shop (L-R): Donald MacDonald, David Lopez, Gary Thomas, Joe Francuz, Jackie Coakley, Gary Coakley (seated), Tod Coakley, John Eber, Lynne Coakley.

J.C. Backings Corporation was established in 1962 when John Harold Coakley and his son, John Gary Coakley, recognized a need for quality custom Painted backings and backdrop rentals. The third generation, represented by Lynne Coakley and John Tod Coakley, carried on this Painted backing tradition and expanded into Photo backings (a.k.a. Translites), as well as Digital Print vinyl backings. Sadly, in April 2006, John Tod Coakley passed away in a tragic accident. Shortly afterward, Pierre Steele, Lynne's husband, joined J.C. Backings to help move the company into the digital age.

John Harold Coakley
John Gary Coakley
John Tod Coakley

Lynne Coakley runs the company, maintaining its status as an innovative leader in the field of scenic backdrops for Film, TV and Streaming Series. As its President, Lynne continuously searches for new technologies to create best-in-class scenic backdrops. She also runs the company's custom Painted backdrop department.

Lynne Coakley
Pierre Steele

Pierre Steele brings his entertainment industry experience and digital expertise to the company as J.C. Backings principal photographer and Vice President. Pierre travels the world to get the perfect shots for clients in need of custom scenic Digital backdrops or custom scenic Photo backdrops. When he's not shooting, Pierre runs the company's Digital Print and Photo backing production departments.

In 2017, after 46 years, J.C. Backings moved from the Sony Studios scenic shop to support the expansion of its business. During the process of moving the 2,000+ Painted scenic backdrops, more than 250 backings were donated to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, various educational institutions and the Art Directors Guild Backdrop Recovery Project. Among them are Painted backings from historical films such as "North By Northwest", "The Shoes of A Fisherman," "Forbidden Planet" and "Meet Me In Las Vegas".

On February 9, 2020, CBS Sunday Morning ran a story about the history of Hollywood backdrops. It featured an interview with Lynne Coakley, President of JC Backings. Tom Walsh, Production Designer and co-founder of the ADG Backdrop Recovery Project, and Karen Maness, co-author of "The Art Of The Hollywood Backdrop" were also featured.