Custom Photography

When you need to have the “perfect” shot that can only be achieved with custom photography, J.C. Backings has you covered. Our full-service Custom Photography department offers you a complete turn-key experience including:

Whether your set requirements call for a shot of the Paris skyline from the Eiffel Tower or a residential backyard in Los Angeles you will always receive the utmost in professionalism, quality and service.

Pierre Steele, Principal Photographer and Vice President

Pierre Steele, JC Backings’ principal photographer, goes wherever clients need to capture the quintessential images that help bring your set to life. Since 2006 he has shot hundreds of images, which have been used on multiple feature films, television shows and commercials. Pierre’s experience and expertise in solving even the most complicated shooting scenarios is the major reason it pays to have J.C. Backings capture the original source material for your backings.

Size matters.

Using our newly upgraded Phase One IQ4 150MP camera, the highest resolution full frame medium format sensor available, ensures that each source image file contains unprecedented detail. The 151-megapixel sensor provides 50 more megapixels than our previous 101-megapixel camera, translating to a substantial 22% increase in resolution.

Digital manipulation of existing or new original photography is also available. Whether you want to turn a gray sky blue, add a building to the scene that wasn’t there or simply change the color of a house, our digital imaging experts can give you EXACTLY what you want.

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