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Ready, Set, Go into Pre-Production!

The 2012 Up-Fronts set the stage (literally!) for next season’s TV schedule and upcoming feature films. It’s never too early to start researching your backing needs.

J.C. Backings has all the backings you need to start pre-production… if we don’t, we can always create custom backings to meet your production’s unique specifications.

Here are a few of the many ways J.C. Backings can help your production:

1. Advanced backing(s) search on our website!

At www.jcbackings.com, you can search:

  • By keyword
  • By backing type
  • By backing size
  • By subject matter
  • NEW! Search for a specific backing with or without dashes in the backing number
  • NEW! Horizon line info with multiple print and download options

Start today. Click here.

2. Rental backings galore!

J.C. Backings has more than 5,000 Painted, Photo and Digital Print Backings available to rent. New backings are added to the website all the time, so if you don’t see what you need, give us a call and we’ll find it for you.

Click here to search our online catalog of rental backings.

3. Custom photography!

When a custom backing is what you want, J.C. Backings custom photography is what you need. Our full-service Custom Photography department offers a complete turn-key experience including:

  • Expert photography by Pierre Steele
  • Streamlined approval process via email, FTP download and/or in-person at our Smiley location
  • Color correction
  • Digital manipulation
  • Unsurpassed customer service

Learn more.

4. Outstanding customer service!

J.C. Backings offers the industry’s highest level of customer service. From the first phone call, J.C. Backings clients get our full attention through each phase of the process:

  • Initial research and understanding of the project’s needs
  • Working with the client to ensure all options are presented
  • Friendly staff researches the right backing for your production
  • Email options for images that may not be on the website
  • Help clients decide which type of backing is best suited for their production’s specifications and budget
  • Specialize in handling shipments out of state and around the world

Call us today!

Rental Backings 310-244-5830
Ask for Lynne, Jim or Barbara

Custom Photography 310-841-0123
Ask for Pierre

On Location: Pierre Steele’s Portfolio
Pierre Steele, JC Backings’ principal photographer, goes wherever clients need to capture the quintessential images that help bring a production to life. Here’s some of Pierre’s more recent work.

Featured 2012 Shoots

To view Pierre’s complete portfolio, click here.

Credits: What’s New
With nearly 5,000 painted, photo and digital print vinyl backings, JC Backings offers the entertainment industry unparalleled choice when designing the look and feel of a production.

Here’s a sample of the most recent additions to our catalog:

The King & I
ADs: John De Cuir, Lyle R. Wheeler
View the Painted Backings

Digital Print Vinyl
Retired at 35
PD: Brandy Alexander
View the Digital Print Backings

Burt Wonderstone
(CT- 820)
Original photography
PD: Keith P Cunningham.
AD: Luke Freeborn
View the Photo Backings

To review the complete JC Backings catalog, click here.

J.C. Backings
Makes History

It’s our 50th anniversary, and we’re PROUD to have served the entertainment industry for all these years! Some of our most exciting moments are posted on Facebook. Check out our milestones on Facebook.

Historical Backings Album
We’ve been to “Peyton Place.” We’ve spent time with “Doctor Doolittle,” “Mary Poppins,” and “Cleopatra.” We’ve even survived “Earthquake” and “Towering Inferno.”

Feeling nostalgic? Take a look at the J.C. Backings historical backings album on Facebook.
Click here.

JC Backings News

UNC School of Art Film Students visit J.C. Backings
Art Director/Professor Carol Wood and her film students from the University of North Carolina School of Art visited the J.C. Backings Scenic Studio at Sony and then visited the Smiley warehouse in Culver City.

J.C. Backings loves hosting film student tours of its facilities. Call us at 310-244-5830 to schedule a tour for your students today!



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About JC Backings

J.C. Backings specializes in oversize backings and creating custom backings to virtually any specification.

Our highly trained team creates Painted, Photo and Digital Print Backings for feature films, television, commercials, theme parks, music videos and more. Our backings meet or exceed industry standard flame proofing requirements.

We offer one of the largest selections of Painted, Photo and Digital Print Backing inventories, with more than 5,000 rental backings. The catalog also includes historic stock from MGM, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and Walt Disney Studios.

Contact J.C. Backings at (310) 244-5830.