Custom Painted Backings

J.C. Backings Corporation has been producing custom painted backings for over three decades. We have highly trained personnel who can paint any size or style of scenic backing. Some of these sizes and styles can be viewed by browsing through our Catalog-"Rental Painted Backings." The backings we produce are painted either at our location at Sony Studios on five paint frames ranging from 40' wide x 40' high to 100' wide x 40' high or at our client's location.

Custom painted backing quotes are specific to each client's production needs. The price is determined by many factors ranging from the size of the backing to its subject matter; a mottled texture backing or sky backing being the simplest to a city skyline being the most complex.

J.C. Backings' goal is to help our clients in creating the best possible backing for their production. To achieve this we need to know the size of the backing, the subject matter with research and the delivery date. These are the primary factors for providing a bid to you.

The research can be provided in a photographic, graphic, illustrative medium or in whatever form you use to best convey your custom painted backing needs. A phone call, email or a meeting is all that is required to begin the quote process.

Please contact Lynne M. Coakley or Jim Spadoni at 310-244-5830 for further information and assistance.

9' x 7' scenic backing for tradeshow
70' x 30' scenic backing for Miss USA
Scenic backing for Top Gun Attraction at Great America Theme Parks
Scenic mural on exterior building wall at Sony Studios